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Arizona can get incredibly hot over the course of the year, and although most folks are used to it, an auto air conditioning malfunction can still making life miserable. When your auto air conditioning breaks, you can’t get air moving around your vehicle any more, and that gets downright stifling. If you know the symptoms to look for – no cold air blowing, strange noises even if cold air is blowing, moldy odors and water stains – you can catch your auto air conditioning before it breaks fully. If you discover these symptoms, it’s time to bring your vehicle into Evolution Automotive for auto air conditioning repairs. We work on all makes, and we can get your vehicle back out on the road pumping out ice cold air, even in the dead of summer.



Why Choose Evolution Automotive for your Auto Air Conditioning Repair?

Experienced and and professional technicians

Our ASE and Technet certified technicians at Evolution Automotive can perform A/C repairs on systems that range from older, simple system up to the complex dual and three-zone systems found on some of the latest luxury models. From fixing freon leaks, to recharging your system, and including troubleshooting any issues you may have, we can perform a number of auto air conditioning repairs.

Thorough air conditioning inspections for accurate diagnosis

Every visit starts with our technician performing a thorough inspection of the entire auto air conditioning system, ranging from the controls, to the fluids and more. We will also check related components that may affect the performance, including belts and more. By using the latest in automotive diagnostic machines and processes, we can provide accurate, affordable auto air conditioning repairs.

Comprehensive and Honest Overviews

We provide a comprehensive overview of what we find during the inspection, which our technicians will be happy to explain to you thoroughly. By being transparent, whether the suggested auto air conditioning repairs are simply replacing the cabin filter or a compressor, we build up trust – and you always want to have a mechanic you trust.

No-pressure air conditioning repair recommendations

Our service staff at Evolution Automotive will go over the recommended auto air conditioning repairs with you, and will suggest a plan for moving forward, but will never pressure you into making a decision. We don’t like high-pressure sales, and we know the folks around Mesa don’t like then either.

Air conditioning repairs performed with quality parts

The only way to perform high-quality auto air conditioning repairs is to use the highest-quality OEM and aftermarket parts in the repairs. A poor quality compressor, poor quality hoses, or sub-standard fluids can cause your auto air conditioning to break down again, and usually at the worst of times. At Evolution, if we wouldn’t use the parts in our own vehicle, we won’t use them in yours.



Excellent customer service

...thorough explanation of work that needed to be done, suggestions and advice supported concerns and questions, and the price beat out other automotive services. Work was done in a timely manner and the employees and mechanics did a great job of telling what was needed and why.

Lindy M.

Mesa, AZ

Benefits and Convenience for our Customers

  • 24 month/24,000 mile nationwide warranty
  • One year of complimentary roadside assistance
  • Available BG Lifetime Protection
  • Door to Door Service Available
  • Pick Up & Drop Off Available
  • Courtesy Shuttle Service

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